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    This context encourages us to become confident that researchers who had an intention to contribute for the NSF initiative would have performed so through the final 3 years on the two initiatives. The approach of writing a proposal, we mentioned, entails sunk expenses that incentivizes the researcher to finish the submission method. We also include things like person proposals in our sample, as a result capturing these situations in which researchers decided to go it alone. five.2 Effect of researchers’ attributes Amongst the NSF grant applicants, our benefits add an interesting twist for the investigation using self-reported information that argued that females engage extra in interdisciplinary study collaborations than males (van Rijnsoever Hessels, 2011). Girls are indeed a lot more probably to collaborate, but this behavior holds only for awarded proposals (Hypothesis 1). This discovering is significant for organizations like NSF that concentrate especially on proposals possessing a larger possibility of knowledge production, a domain in which girls researchers have previously been shown to excel (Rhoten Pfirman, 2007). An alternative explanation for this getting might be that evaluation panels are aware in the effectively documented gender disparity in scientific research and therefore might be unconsciously tipping their evaluations in favor of proposals that integrated girls collaborators. We also identified that researchers with higher tenure are much more probably to collaborate on research proposals (Hypothesis 2). Interestingly, the outcomes are also AnisomycinMedChemExpress Wuningmeisu C substantial for un-awarded proposals. This suggests that even though extra senior researchers have extra collaborators, it is actually not vital that these collaborations will create fantastic interdisciplinary outcomes. The lack of results in this collaboration may very well be explained by the Apollo Syndrome (Belbin, 1981), which recommended that teams composed of highly capable men and women can collectively execute badly. Our benefits also revealed that NSF appears to reward researchers with decrease tenure. This may well reflect the fresh and innovative ideas which junior researchers bring for the research arena. Our results showed that researchers from major tier universities or with high H-index collaborate less, though researchers from decrease tier universities and with reduced H-indexNIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA jir.2013.0113 Author ManuscriptJ Informetr. Author manuscript; readily available in PMC 2015 January 01.Lungeanu et al.Pagecollaborate much more (Hypotheses 3 and four). The results are considerable in both the awarded and un-awarded models. This suggests fpsyg.2016.00135 that researchers from non-elite universities or with reduced H-index scores could possibly signal the high quality and novelty of their proposals by like extra collaborators. Alternatively, or also, our results suggest that researchers from elite universities or with greater H-index scores have a greater capacity to absorb and leverage intellectual and supplies sources thereby reducing the need for further collaborations. In comparison with tenure, H-index has an opposite but dominant effect with almost 5 occasions larger effect sizes. Even though H-index and tenure possess a constructive correlation (0.35) due to the fact Hindex incorporates paper productivity which increases over years, the two measure various aspects of academic status: tenure is really a linear measure of time as a base line and H-index measures the quantity and high quality of the investigation outcome.