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    Situated on Italy’s east side coast facing the Adriatic Sea, this town is famous among vacationers and has garnered the reputation of being the capital of Italy’s seaside tourism and nightlife. Tourists normally flock to the region for the 15 km of fine sandy beaches that Rimini boasts about. But that is not all, the seaside area is lined with restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs so there is usually something to do from sun up to sun down. So if you’re preparing for a holiday destination or a quick escape, head off to Rimini. Tours and accommodations can be effortlessly handled by the Rimini Tourist Information Office that’s situated on the seafront. To get you began on the Rimini experience, right here are 5 should see spots that will certainly make you fall in adore with this Italian town that really knows how to live life to the fullest.1) The Beaches – this is what Rimini is famous for following all so you should not miss it. Head to Marina Centro and Lungomare Augusto where you will find the best beaches and center of the beach nightlife. The beach spans a extremely long coast and it lined with activity everywhere and for everyone. You can appreciate playing on the clean waters or go windsurfing.2) Rimini nightlife – touted as the best in all of Italy, Lungomare Augusto and Viale Vespucci teem with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and arcades that stay open all night.three) Piazza Cavour – if you want to get up close with the locals and daily life in Rimini, the Piazza Cavour is the location to head to. This is the primary square where basic affairs such as government functions and marketing are carried out. In the middle of the square stands the statue of Pope Paul IV as well as the Pigna fountain built hundreds of years ago. Surrounding the square are a number of essential and historical landmarks that are worth the go to such as Palazzo dell’Arengo, the town hall, Teatro Amintore Galli, and Castel Sismondo.4) Roman Rimini – go to traces of the old Rimini and its Roman influences dating back to centuries ago. The main town gate of Roman Rimini, Arco d’Augusto, was built in 27 BC and is a favourite website for tourists. Other Roman remains such as a 62 meter long bridge known as Ponte di Tiberio and a Roman ampitheater are amazing sights to behold.five) Rimini’s art and culture – aside from its well-known beaches and nicely renowned nightlife, Rimini’s culture is also something that tends to make this place stand out. During the summer time a festival for the arts called Sagra Musicale Malatestiana brings international artists to the area in 1 grand festivity of music, theatre, dance, and the visual arts. The City Museum and Cineteca are places to go to for an insight into Italian art as well as films related to Rimini and 1 of its acclaimed sons, movie director Federico Fellini.hotel rimini 4 stelleTourist accommodation in and about Rimini ranges from big four and five star hotels to cozy family owned and run Bed and Breakfast establishments.Get in touch with us to be in the understand about rimini suite hotel.