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    The vibrant red, Fildena Strong 120 mg product is a unique product formulation of the Sildenafil Citrate drug because the usual active ingredient content of Sildenafil Citrate products usually comes in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg formulations and not in 120 mg form. Fildena Strong 120 mg is classified under the category of “generic Viagra” products due to its identical active pharmaceutical ingredient with the world-renowned erectile dysfunction medication.

    Fildena Strong 120 mg Tablets

    Fildena Strong 120 mg Tablets

    Due to the “Strong” word included in the drug’s title, we can assume that this Fildena product is able to give a more robust effect than the Fildena products in the lower doses.
    find out here now is not clear why there was a need to manufacture a dose in the 120 mg form, but the manufacturer information simply states that the drug was made with the intent of a “longer duration” for Sildenafil and also “lasting satisfaction”. What is clear, though, is that the 120 mg dose of Sildenafil Citrate contained in Fildena Strong makes it an interesting drug and a highly potent one, which can indeed greatly mitigate the impotence symptoms males are suffering due to various causative factors.

    read article can rest assured that Fildena Strong 120 mg is fashioned in the most austere and auspicious of environments, as we can assume from the product’s manufacturer’s accreditations. Fortune Healthcare, one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in India is one of the dependable names in the Indian Pharma industry. It has been around since the late 80s (1986) and today is known presence in India and its neighboring countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, plus Europe, Africa, and the United States.

    For its credentials, Fortune Healthcare has the seal of the World Health Organization for its GMP, the ISO 9001:2000 certification, and the Schedule M and GMP approvals from India’s own FDA. Besides erectile dysfunction medications, Fortune Healthcare has its products for clinical areas such as tuberculosis, veterinary medicine, bacterial infections, and herbal/ayurvedic concerns.

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    Although Fildena Strong contains an odd amount of Sildenafil Citrate, patients still can take the drug like the regular-dosed pills. One dose of Fildena Strong is sufficient for a day, although the patients have to take the drug within 1-4 hours of the planned coital activity, as the effects of Sildenafil Citrate contained in Fildena Strong only lasts 4 hours and wanes after.

    For patients who are having aggravated cases of side effects, they can actually split the Fildena Strong in half, in order to get the 60 mg or a lighter dose of the product. On the other hand, patients necessitating the full efficacy of Fildena Strong should just take the whole thing in one go.

    How to use

    If is prohibited with the conventional Fildena pills, the same can also be said for Fildena Strong. It is not a wise idea to take alcohol with Fildena Strong although for some, alcohol and sex go together. Alcohol causes hypotension, which doubles the effect of Sildenafil in the patients. of Fildena Strong should be done 30 minutes to 4 hours prior to sexual intercourse. You should make sure though that you are getting enough sexual stimulation for the drug to work (it works by acting on the nitric oxide/cGMP neural pathway which is activated by sexual stimulus) and you should also keep in mind that the drug’s action expires in about 4 hours, regardless of the product’s strength.

    Buy Fildena Strong 120 mg

    Now we come to the important question: where can you buy Fildena Strong 120 mg? First of all, the drug is domestically distributed in India, as Fortune Healthcare is located in the country. There are also where the product can be bought, but it is not too clear where. It is a sure thing, though, that international buyers can procure their products online via several online shops which may be reliable and credible enough to dispense Fildena Strong drug in good faith.

    The conventional (and rather popular) online drugstores buyers often consider for their erectile dysfunction and general health needs include Pharmacy Mall (, Canada Pharmacy 24h (, Live Drugstore (), All Day Chemist (), and Generic Doctor (). However, albeit these trusted online shops have Fildena products in stock, none of them currently have the Fildena Strong 120 mg variant. Most of them only have the 100 mg Fildena hard tablets available, though. There are other online drugstores with stocks available for Fildena Strong; however, these virtual repositories have yet to be verified for their service and product quality.

    Possible side effects

    Like almost all drugs for various clinical conditions, there is an existing risk for side effects with the use of Fildena Strong, especially because it contains more than the orthodox maximum dose commonly prescribed for patients (100 mg). Nevertheless, the typical side effects are just transitory and fleeting, and can be managed easily or can just be waited out, as the adverse events typically wane as the drug is excreted from the body.

    Due to your Fildena Strong use, you can expect mild to strong headaches, nasopharyngitis, skin flushing, erythema, and eyesight changes (seeing blurry or blue). These side effects may be credited to the side reactions of the Sildenafil contained in the drug with other phosphodiesterase enzymes (such as PDE6 and PDE9). Stronger side effects such as blindness, hearing loss, seizures, fever, edema, back pain, myalgia, heart attack, and severe allergic reactions can also occur, although they are rare and can be prevented by the proper use of Fildena Strong.

    Drug interactions/Warnings

    Amongst all the possible drugs which can interact with Fildena Strong, the most notorious of them all are the nitrate medications (isosorbide mononitrate and dinitrate and other nitrate drugs) intended for the treatment of high blood pressure, angina, chest pain, and congenital heart diseases. Apart from nitrates, patients are also advised to stay away from α and β blockers, protease inhibitors for HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis, and other medications which interfere with CYP3A4 enzyme action in the liver.

    Patients cannot take grapefruit juice, vitamins (C, D, E, and B vitamins), herbal supplements, and other PDE5 inhibitors, or any drug intended for impotence in general. Fildena Strong is also a prescription-only drug which should be recommended by the physician, so although there are online stores offering the sale of Fildena Strong without needing any prescription, you should make sure that you are eligible and fit enough to take the drug to avoid complications for your medicine intake.

    article is an unconventional Sildenafil Citrate product which contains a dose more than the technically “largest” dose advisable for erectile dysfunction use. This product is an ideal treatment for males with more severe forms of erectile dysfunction and those who find the 100 mg product formulation insufficient for their impotence condition. The drug is sold prevalently online, although our recommended sellers currently do not have the drug in stock. We can wait out the restocking of the product, but for the meantime, you can consider window-shopping in other drugstores having the product. Should the Fildena Strong 120 mg be available on our preferred online stores, we should be able to let you know, so you can also try out Fildena Strong and relate how good the drug can be for ameliorating erectile dysfunction symptoms.