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    Are youlooking for a lot of design pieces for yourhome? A perfecthomeisallabout balance. Between style and practicality, elegance and luxury. Here you’llfindplenty of solutions for interiordecorationthatwillsatisfyallfancies. The perfectpinch of design for every room. You’lldefinitelyfind the right Design for yourhome in ourvastselection, thatincludessofas, tables, beds, complements, desks, bookcases, a coffee table, armchairs, chairs in manyshapes, styles and colors. Moreover, the mostimportant designers in the world attended together with the mostluxuriousbrands: Ernestomeda, Cattelan Italia,Kettal,Lema, Tonelli Design, Glas Italia, etc., to create uniquepiecesthat can enrichyourhome having a touch of Design. In fact, you’llfind the entirecollection on our e-shop.FRNSHX Dynamics:First, from the service Design Your Space, find the advice of our own designers, who’re glad to work for you for-free. Second, findthousand of furniture within our Online shop. Third, set Shipping& Assembly arrangement – askourCustomer Service ifyour Country doesnotappearamong the alternatives. Furthermore, findus on social networking, discoverourpictures and lettheminspireyouduring the whole process of choice. You’ll love the Experience! It’s a promise.Returns&Refunds Policy:Afterpurchasing on FRNSHX, customersmayexercise the right of withdrawal on anypurchasedfurniturewithin Two weeks through the delivery date. For anyfurther information feelcompletely absolve to askourCostumer Service, or perhaps write a contact to Customer support available 24/7.Design space in excess of sleeping. Loungefurniture, tables and benches build a perfectspace to hideaway, no matter the time. The night area is a cosy and intimate space. In fact, to be able to satisfyanyaesthetic and functionalneed, FRNSHX proposes an accumulation of furniturethatenrichesevery year. Moreoverprivilegingshapes and materialsstudied to warm the surroundings and favour a deepsense of wellness. Refuge from the soul capable of interpret and meet the needs of whoinhabitsit, your home by FRNSHXisinspired into a lifestyleaway from clamour and pretentiousness.Ourfurniture, tailor-made creations, easily fit in anytype of environment, from mostclassical to modernones. In the valuablewoods with the structures on the fabrics in the upholsteriesfeaturingelegantweftsthatseemhandmade.Whetheryou’relooking for any marblediningfurniture, a modernone or a extendable desk for your office, FRNSHX contains the designsthatsuityourspace. Protagonist with the liveable space and notonly, furnitureat the centre of home: the table. If the dining room along with the kitchen are convivialityareas, the diningtableisitssymbol. Designer piecessigned by famousnames in the area of design. Rectangular, square, round, extendable and glued. Evenifdifferent within the shape, sizes and materials, FRNSHX’stables are joined by quality, comprising detailsvisible by an experteye. Actually, craftsmanship care adds to the choice of materials&finishes, underscoring the url between industrial quality and artisanskills.Modularity and customization would be the keywords of FRNSHX’sfurniture. Itsproducts are in constantdevelopment. Naturally, the main focus isflexibility: notonly interms of sizes, butalso when it comes to models, materials, components, finishes and accessories. Secondly, basicmodules may be adapted tall, width and depth, made up of structures and panels: hinged, folding, sliding and aligned. Moreover, you will find numerouspanelsthat might be chosen from ourcatalogues plus an assortedselection of finishes. Notlimited by design restrictions, itturnsintoendlessclosets, each using a differentpersonalizedelegance. Uncover the entirefurniturecollection on the e-shop.