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    Cars are a machine that a person sees being a lifetime investment, but to produce this investment really fruitful, you should get all the problems related to it fixed in the perfect time. Just like the repair of the car is important, in the same way, you will need to understand that it is now time that the car requires a repair. If you’re a new car owner and cannot notice the hints that claim that your car needs repair then here are some of the points to help you to understand about it. The improper functioning of warning lightsIn the event the warning lights of your car are not working correctly, this it’s time to really get your car repaired from the good repair center. Warning lights, in line with the motorists manual, have a very important devote any car, as they act as a sensor for just about any type of problem which is there in a car. Also, it is very important to obtain the warning light fixed from an expert mechanic, keeping the significance of this light in mind.Degrading gas mileageA fuel economy is determined from the working of the fuel related parts in a car. If they are functional, then a fuel economy of the car is going to be maintained properly, but if the parts just like the air filters, fuel filters, etc. not work as required, they develop a problem, until they may be replaced. So, whenever you found a disturbed gas mileage in your car, you should immediately go to the repair center and may have the repairing with the fuel related parts done, as reported by the car workshop manuals.Trouble with brakesBrakes are among the most important parts in a vehicle or any vehicle. When they don’t work properly, you won’t be capable of stop your car or truck about the desired points and you can imagine concerning the after effects of this. So, it is a sign which says that your car needs immediate repair. Using these signs and hints, it’ll be helpful for the future prospect to know that the car requires a repair now.