• Downey Cotton posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Pet sitting is one thing I’ve usually completed…I don’t forget posting flyers looking for work as a dog walker as early as age 10. Given that I can bear in mind I have always been tasked with getting treatment of other folks pets. I did not constantly get compensated, but that was Ok. I cherished animals and I wished to treatment for them. I started out an official pet sitting down organization in 2003, soon after getting laid off from my ‘real’ job. I have uncovered a whole lot about pet sitting over the past seven many years and I love becoming a pet sitter. So, adequate of that…you want to know what I do! What is a typical day in the life of a pet sitter? Right here we go…July 3, 2010.

    5:thirty am: Alarm clock rings….ahhh…is it presently morning? Indeed it is. I am truly content to get up and going. I have a huge working day these days due to the fact of the 4th of July holiday getaway. My canine extend and get me up…breakfast time you know! I feed the canine and leap in the shower.

    six:fifteen am: A quick check out of my email to see if any of my clients want something. And to also confirm my schedule for the working day.

    6:thirty am: Diet regime Coke and toast in hand, hair nevertheless wet, and dressed in capri trousers, a tee shirt, and sandals, I say good bye to my pack and off I go.

    7:00 am: My very first stop is to see Bibi, Peasy, Minou, and Tawny…four cats. Bibi is insulin-dependent, needing insulin at 7am and 7pm. Peasy is a lovable tuxedo kitty. He and I have a lot of entertaining enjoying. Right after the shot, play-time, cleaning litter boxes, and feeding the kitties, I was on my way once more.

    7:45 am: Subsequent end on my pet sitting morning rounds is to see Rusty, an eighteen 12 months outdated senior kitty. Rusty sleeps a good deal, but enjoys his routine of heading exterior and smelling all the flowers and then ingesting from the fountain. He loves to be combed and purrs really loudly when I comb him. I adore him and dread the considered that he is not lengthy for this planet. Following offering Rusty a few drugs that he always fights, cleansing the litter box, and replenishing his food and drinking water, I am on my way again.

    eight:30: A rapid end to feed one particular of my sitter’s cats, Cassandra and Boo. My sitter is performing an overnight work on the other element of city, so I presented to feed them so she wouldn’t have to make a unique journey home right now. Back in my car and on my way again….

    8:45: Time to see Katie kitty…a quite social small cat that is entire of persona. I picked her up and she began purring loudly. I always search forward to kitty sitting down for my buddy, Katie. My client’s still left me a be aware and questioned me to drinking water some exterior vegetation and assist myself to as significantly lettuce from the garden as I desired. Yay! I enjoy the benefits of pet sitting….what a nice handle. I was heading to quit at Fred Meyer up coming to get some lettuce for Lil’ Skip Amusing Experience, the turtle, but now I never have to. After providing Katie lots of TLC, cleansing her box, feeding her and taking treatment of the crops, I am on the street yet again.

    9:thirty: a swift end at the ATM to deposit previous weeks’ checks. It really is hard to uncover the time to do these issues.

    9:45 am: Fish, geckos and Lil’ Miss the turtle are following on my agenda. I get ready a bathtub for Lil’ Miss out on so she can get hydrated. While she is swimming, I treatment for the geckos, fish, and vegetation. Then

    Chandler pet sitting clean Lil’ Miss’s cage and rip some of the fresh lettuce for her. I allow her wander about the apartment…she loves to stretch her legs. Then I set her back again into her aquarium…she dives into the pile of refreshing lettuce…yummm. Back again to my vehicle and on my way.