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  • The Patriots have four of the first 53 picks in the 2010 draft. After a rather non existent pass rush in 2010, look for New England to give Jerod Mayo some help on the outside in a 3 4 OLB prospect like Graham. The Michigan star, whose stock has been rising up draft boards after a dominant week of Senior Bowl practices and an MVP performance in…[Read more]

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    The long time basketball coach handled the matter himself, as he usually did. He made all the players run extra laps. So some of the players told their parents. Christie supporters argue that Lonegan is just too conservative to win a statewide race against Corzine. Recent political history isn’t conclusive. A conservative Republican candidate…[Read more]

  • Saturday night’s game between No. 2 seed UCLA and No. 4 seed Louisiana State at RCA Dome marks the first time since 1995 that the Bruins have played in the national semifinals of the NCAA tournament. “It’s a bit different with the NHL players not being here,” Krupp said. The final show of the series will be broadcast from Universal Orlando Resort…[Read more]

  • This video is described as showing the blaze on January 29. Credit: Instagram/sammiiee_lynnUltra thin sun shield could protect Great Barrier ReefAn ultra fine biodegradable film some 50,000 times thinner than a human hair could be enlisted to protect the Great Barrier Reef from environmental degradation, researchers said Tuesday. The return of…[Read more]

  • “We know where the puck is, if it’s over the blue line we know it’s over the blue line and for how long, very precisely,” Adams said. “When it gets into who’s in possession of the puck, that again has to be a human involved in it, because we don’t have electronics on the stick. There’s only so much you can use this stuff to replace. Sabrina…[Read more]

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