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    Participant recruitment. The advisory board consisted with the PI, coJ Psychosoc Oncol. Author manuscript; offered in PMC 2011 May 1.Yi and ZebrackPageinvestigators and study team, at the same time as cancer survivors, the mother of a brain tumor survivor, plus a member of your board of directors from Padres Contra el Cancer.NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author ManuscriptPADRES system employees identified six YACS who were diagnosed with and treated for any pediatric malignancy before age 21, have been off treatment for much more than 5 years, and were among ages 18 and 39 at the time of study. Diversity in demographic and medical traits, for instance age at diagnosis, gender, relationship status, and loved ones kind had been taken into account in recruitment. 2013/282381 Six YACS have been recruited and asked to bring a household member. All procedures had been approved by the University of Southern California (USC) IRB, and written informed consent s-0034-1396924 for the research was obtained for all participants. This project was implemented among September and December of 2006. A total of seven sessions had been held every single two weeks on Saturday mornings at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The very first meeting consisted of an orientation to the project. Staff distributed digital cameras to all participants, instructed them in their use, and after that directed them to take a self-portrait somewhere within the hospital. In the finish of Day 1, the study investigators asked participants to take photographs over the following two weeks that would capture “the effect of cancer in your family.” All subsequent topics for future photographs were generated by the participants themselves through group discussions for the duration of every single with the subsequent sessions. Every of the next 5 sessions lasted two hours. Upon arrival, project staff greeted participants and conducted a 10-minute individual interview in which staff and participants looked at the pictures that they had taken more than the previous two weeks, and selected a single or two images that they thought have been most relevant to the distinct theme of the day. In some situations, interviews were conducted in Spanish by Spanish-speaking staff. Participants supplied captions for these photos, which employees recorded inside a logbook. The interviewers asked the following queries to stimulate discussion on the photographs: What are you currently seeing within this picture?; What’s taking place within this image?; How do you feel about this situation?; and why does this take place? (Wallerstein, 1987) Immediately after the individual interviews, participants had been divided into a YACS group in addition to a family member group and participated in an hour-long group discussion facilitated by the PI and also a journal.pone.0131772 co-investigator. The YACS group was performed in English; the family members member group was performed in both English and Spanish, as two participants had been mono-lingual Spanish-speaking, three Ro4402257 others spoke and comprehended Spanish, and 1 spoke English but not Spanish. All interviews and discussions have been audio-taped and professionally transcribed verbatim. At the end on the hour, every group reached consensus on a theme for the following photodocumentation period. Data Evaluation The audiotapes of all individual interviews and group discussions have been transcribed in their original language, then transcripts in Spanish had been translated into English.