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    The program for the Bachelor of Architecture degree (first professional degree) is a five year curriculum of at least 160 semester credit hours. The focus of the curriculum is preparation for professional practice in architecture and emphasizes sustainability, critical thinking, research, and technology. The curriculum is divided into four…[Read more]

  • The accessories include charms with whimsical takes on naughty lips and sweet pets. Kendall + Kylie join other like minded brands including Matt Nat, Ted Baker, Dew + Poesy (exclusive to Indigo) and more. Prices are on the steep side (Kendall + Kylie Lucy Lips Crossbody $190; Lips Charm $68, Visor Dog Charm $98) so start making your holiday wish…[Read more]

  • Botswana Safari Experience: One of National Geographic Traveler magazine’s 20 must see places to visit in 2016, Botswana is blessed with natural wealth and a commitment to preserve it. On this journey, travelers will hear indigenous storytellers spin folk tales by an evening fire, drift in a houseboat through the UNESCO World Heritage site of…[Read more]

  • And she takes requests. “Another thing I’m really interested in is the collaboration with my customers, so I will always ask them if they know of any cool foreign lines they’ve seen while on vacation.”The lineup of international designers is impressive an owl print dress by American designer sold out fast, but feminine summer dresses by British…[Read more]

  • In this Tuesday, July 28, 2015 photo, timber land owner Roger Ward, left, measures an area of seedling slash pines with Brain Cobble of the Florida Forest Service in Live Oak, Fla. Ward has hundreds of acres of pine trees in various stages of growth and plans to convert more land now used for soybeans, peanuts and other row crops into additional…[Read more]

  • Shortly before Durkan took the stage, state Sen. Reuven Carlyle, Councilmember Tim Burgess, and former Gov. Christine Gregoire could be seen yakking by the stage. She conducted a camp at Buffalo Seminary, teaching 7thand 8thgraders about brands that give back, like TOMS Shoes. “The students sewed and styled two scarves,” said Kaye. “They kept one…[Read more]

  • Respect Husband’s have this quirky little thing pet peeve about being respected by their wives. Very often in some relationships as time goes bye there is a tendency to let differences of opinions create tension and discontent in the marriage. Some wives (probably not you) start to talk down to or sarcastically to their husband. From the court…[Read more]

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    Be wary of the unexpected. This holds true when you purchase any kind of business, but especially when it comes to a gas station. Remember that gasoline is a controlled substance which is heavily regulated. They’re certainly cool.Their fans travel halfway around the world to root for their fellow Kiwis.”You row every stroke with them,” says Lyn…[Read more]

  • Among those advocating for more ATVs on the road was Dale Tenut, the local ATV club president. When asked why more public roads needed to be opened, he replied, “To make it easier for tourism to get from township or place to place.” He said his association was aware of the safety concerns, but insisted “it would be the same as driving your car…[Read more]

  • It wasn until the 16th timberland boots 2017 Century that the clitoris began to be described as a distinct physical structure, common to all women, with the function of inducing pleasure. In his book, De re anatomica, published in 1559, Realdo Columbo described the clitoris as seat of a woman delight Yet in subsequent centuries, female pleasure…[Read more]

  • The drugs are introduced by various companies producing medicines. It stimulates the blood platelets production in the bone marrow. These medicines will be of much useful in particular to the hepatitis C virus infected patients. There may be drawbacks with the liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors however, as with most any electronic there is…[Read more]

  • Think of what unique perspective you give to your business. Are you great cooks who can show people how to make delicious meals with those products? From the recruiting side, you can also figure out a unique perspective, but make it a product focused one. Your best recruits will be people who have the same interests as you just people who want…[Read more]

  • Encyclopdia Britannica’s aggressive promotion produced solid sales, but the fraction that were actually read appeared to be rather small. Some argued that their main use was to create the illusion of culture without any real substance behind it. Furthermore the inexpensive but dated, mostly public domain translations used were generally seen to be…[Read more]

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    Many unhappy relationships end because one or more of the involved doesn take the time to listen to the other, which results in miscommunication and lack of understanding. One of the best gifts to give your partner is to lend an ear when they need to express themselves. In improving the way you listen, many conflicts and arguments can become…[Read more]

  • The victim looked back and saw that the driver of the Charger had parked the car and gotten out from the vehicle. He was standing on the roadway firing in his direction. The victim continued driving away from the scene.. The way you deal with little issues shows the kind of relationship you have between you and your spouse or partner. If you…[Read more]

  • Cole’s shoes, sold locally at Bullock’s and Nordstrom, are considered as trendy as his ads, ranging in style from avant garde to ultra hip. They appeal to the young, the chic and the cost conscious an unusual combination in this industry where high style usually means high prices. Women’s shoes range from $65 to $100; juniors, from $50 to $70..…[Read more]

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