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    Phoenix Dactylifera (Date Palm)A Love Affair With Dates, The Fruit At The Cultural Heart Of Oman : The Salt In this country at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the nutrition-packed palm-tree treat is vital to tradition, sustenance and the economy — and has been for hundreds of years. It can be largely obtained from Date Palm Trees. Dry dates that have turn into as well dehydrated and hardened on the palm are rehydrated by soaking in cold, tepid or hot water, or by exposure to steam or a humid atmosphere. Optimum planting conditions dictate that trees need to be set 6-8m apart and then well soaked with water.Date palms develop as either a male or female of the species. The trunks and leaves of date palm tree are burned for fuel and used in the construction of homes, bridges that cross canals, grids and fences. It is, however, easy to overeat dried fruit and so the sugar and calories can add up.Most somaclonal variants can be detected in the early stages nonetheless, some can only be detected in the field, several years soon after planting or after flowering, fruit set, and maturation of the trees. About 12 or 20 leaves are grown every year. The fruits (recognized as dates, from the Greek for finger”) are oval-cylindrical, three-7 cm extended, and two-three cm diameter, with a single seed about 2-2.5 cm lengthy and six-eight mm thick.